6th Grade Learning


The 6th grade program builds on the learning model our students experienced in Mayim, adding more choice and opportunities for students to shape their own learning. Sixth graders attend Etzim once per week, plus 45 minutes per week for Small Group Hebrew. Each session will include community time, snack, Explorations, and T’filah (prayer).

Tikkun Olam
(Repairing the World)

Students will do volunteer work at local service organizations while learning about Jewish values connected to their work. This exploration is connected to the Mitzvah Project that is part of each child's individual journey of becoming b'mitzvah at TBS..


Students will engage in a mini-mester about Jewish ritual and the role light plays in many of our traditions. Each student will have the opportunity to create an object that they will use to bright in their own lives.


Students will delve into torah text through a variety of media. This exploration is connected to Parsha Day, a parent-child b'mitzvah journey session, during which, each child will receive and begin to interpret the verses that they will read from the Torah on the day of celebrating b'mitzvah.

6th Grade Kallah

Every year, the sixth grade community travels to the Berkshires to spend a night together at Eisner camp.
Weekend Highlights:
-Adventure Activities on the ropes course
-Sports and arts and crafts during free time
-Fun and exciting new experiences with your friends from TBS
-Hanging out with all of your TBS friends and the cool TBS staff
-Continuing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Journey
-Learning what it means to be taking on new responsibility for ourselves, our families, and our community