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6th Grade Learning


In this first year of Jr. Etzim, students explore three central tenets all surrounding the guiding question: “What does it mean that I am a Jewish person?” Torah, Ritual and G’milut Chasadim (Deeds of Lovingkindness) form the foundation for this year of discovering rituals and meaning, grappling with our holy text and what it can bring to our lives, and learning about the needs of those in our local community. Each session will include community time, snack, Explorations, and T’filah (prayer).

6th Grade Kallah

Every year, the sixth grade community travels to the Berkshires to spend a night together at Eisner camp.
Weekend Highlights:
-Adventure Activities on the ropes course
-Sports and arts and crafts during free time
-Fun and exciting new experiences with your friends from TBS
-Hanging out with all of your TBS friends and the cool TBS staff
-Continuing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Journey
-Learning what it means to be taking on new responsibility for ourselves, our families, and our community

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