7th Grade Learning 

The theme for our 7th grade year is Tzedek (Social Justice).
Each piece of our program will connect to this theme and involve your children in real, developmentally appropriate, work.
Each day will be broken into three pieces:
• Social Justice Core Curriculum (50 minutes)
• Community Time (20 minutes)
• Electives (50 minutes)


Social Justice Core Curriculum 
We are working closely with the TBS Tzedek Committee and Rabbi Julie Bressler to connect important topics to the work happening at TBS and in the larger Jewish community. During this part of the day, 7th graders will learn in their mifgashim. These groups will rotate together each trimester to learn about a different topic from each of our educators. The three topics that students will explore align with the goals and mission of TBS’ Tzedek Committee. These topics will be grounded in Jewish text and meet every 7th grader where they are right now. At the end of each trimester, students will design and implement an action project.

Electives are a place where our 7th graders have the opportunity to choose the topic they are learning about. This topic will be explored for the entire year, in groups that are created based on your choices! Each elective will also culminate with a larger project, to be determined by the group.