7th Grade Learning 

The theme for our 7th grade year is Upstander vs Bystander
Each piece of our program will connect to this theme and involve your children in real, developmentally appropriate, work.

Each day will be broken into three pieces:
• Social Justice Core Curriculum (45 minutes)
• Community Time (15 minutes)
• Electives (45 minutes)

Social Justice Core Curriculum 

For the first 45 minutes of the day, 7th graders will learn with their mifgash (class). These groups will meet together for the first two trimesters to think about the themes of “Who am I?” and “Who are we?” These topics will be grounded in Jewish text and meet every 7th grader where they are, developmentally and socially. In the third trimester, 7th graders will choose a topic to further explore. In these groups, they will develop plans that lead to an action project, grounded in this topic. Topics may include Immigration and Refugee Justice, Campaigns of Kindness and Disability Inclusion. 


Electives are a place where our 7th graders have the opportunity to choose the topic they are learning about for the full year. This topic will be explored in groups that are created based on their choices! Each elective will also culminate with a larger project, to be determined by the group. Some of the topics for electives may include STEAM for Good, Sustaining the Environment and Ourselves, and Holocaust.