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Rosh Hodesh

Our Rosh Hodesh (literally, “new
month”) groups were created especially
for Jewish girls as a place to talk, laugh,
express their artistic side, and discuss
life. It involves food, friends, and fun
while building self-esteem, healthy
relationships, and a positive Jewish
identity. If you have already been part of
a Rosh Hodesh group, we will be kicking
things up a notch, adding programming
geared towards leadership development,
empowerment, and giving girls a voice.

Rosh Hodesh Group Leaders 

  Sammy Altman        Abi Oshins


MENsches was created especially for
Jewish boys as a place for guys to hang
out, play sports, and talk. Through
activities, discussion, popular culture,
media, games and group experiences,
we’ll take sometime to just be guys in
a Jewish setting.

 MENches Group Leaders 

Adam Klein            Jacob Paikoff

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