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Thursday Night Electives

Our Thursday Night Electives run on a trimester system. Twice a month we will have Elective nights from

6:30-8:30 pm, and for each trimester, we will have three to five electives available. Teens will have the opportunity to try new electives in the Fall, Winter, and Spring trimesters. The following are some of our available electives:

Creative Canvas.

Creative Canvas is a space to explore
Judaism through art and art through
Judaism. Come work on different
projects each week, or sometimes work
as a team on a larger project over time!

Jewish Cooking

Jewish Cooking is a fun and experiential group that will be experimenting with different Jewish recipes.

Sports & Leadership
Sports and Leadership tackles community building and team building through games! We will be creating community building resources and games for the rest of our Etzim community. Come add games to your community building toolbox!

Engineering Values
In Engineering Values we will work on several engineering challenges, taking participants through the stages of design thinking and tying our work to Jewish values that make us strong team members, innovative thinkers, and effective leaders.

There will be song leader training,
jamming, social justice music, and fun!

Lounge Nights
Offered a few times a year

Everyone is welcome to just come hang out at TBS. We will always provide dinner, snacks, and activities. Most Lounge Nights will have fun themes. Drop in for as long as you want!

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