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Together with Etzim



While we can't all be together in community for prayer, there are still ways we can experience moments of connection and reflection at home.
Each week on Mondays, we will post a new Mayim t'filah experience (including T'floptions you can do from home!). Every few days we will also post a new prompt for at-home silent prayer and reflection. We hope you will take a few minutes each day to calm your bodies and recharge your souls with us.

Virtual Lounge Nights (8th-12th Grade)

Since we won't be having our regular community time during dinners on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are going to use that time to host "Virtual Lounge Nights" at 6:30 each Tuesday and Thursday until we can be together in person again. These will be opportunities for some social time as a community. Each virtual lounge night will have a theme!


You can access virtual lounge nights on zoom using the link in the weekly email, by contacting any Etzim educator, or by following us on social media.

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