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Madrichimot Program 
Open to 8th-12th Graders

Our madrichimot play an important role as teacher assistants in our learning programs. Madrichimot assist the educators, play with the children, lead small groups, and more! It is a great way to stay involved at TBS while helping younger children learn and experience Jewish life. First-year madrichimot (regardless of grade) need to attend monthly training on one Sunday afternoon per month. Madrichimot in 11th-12th grade with at least one year of experience have even more opportunities available, such as leading their very own Rosh Hodesh or MENsches group, teaching their own Hebrew groups, being counselors for their own Mayim Outdoors groups, and serving as assistant teachers in the Children's Center. 


The Madrichimot program is open to all teens whose families are members of TBS. In order to participate, you must first register for Etzim, our 8th-12th grade learning program. Tuition for the madrichim program is $350 for the year, which covers training and other costs to run the program. To apply, have a parent or guardian register you for Etzim through the TBS Member Center. They should choose the "a la carte" tuition option and pay the $100 deposit, which will be applied later to the Madrichimot program tuition. Once you are registered for Etzim, you will receive a follow-up email that includes the Madrichimot application. When we receive your completed application, we will follow up with you about placement in a specific classroom.

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